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Kelley Remole, PhD

  • Editor
  • Yale University's Wu Tsai Institute

Kelley Remole is the Managing Director at Yale University's Wu Tsai Institute, a new cross-disciplinary home for cognition and human potential research. She creates environments for discovery where scientists of all ages and backgrounds can follow their curiosity. At the Wu Tsai Institute, she leads the staff and operations to advance the research priorities.

She previously worked at Columbia University's Zuckerman Institute, where she established public education efforts that reached over 2,000 people annually through public lectures, lab internships, teacher programs, and family events. She also started numerous programs to enhance scientific training and intellectual exchange at Columbia, including workshops, symposia, and seminars.

In 2013 she established BraiNY, a volunteer network of New York City-based neuroscientists to bring brain science to the public. She has worked in museum and planetarium environments where her lessons continue to be used today.

She received a PhD in neuroscience, and a master's in nonprofit management from Columbia University.

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