Dwayne Godwin

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Dwayne Godwin is a Professor of Neurobiology and Neurology at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, where he studies epilepsy, sensory processing, withdrawal and PTSD. He coauthors a comic strip on brain topics for Scientific American Mind. The opinions expressed here are those of the author. You can find him on Twitter @BrainyActs.

Articles by Dwayne Godwin

Two bills are under consideration by congress that could slow the pace of scientific research if signed into law.
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The March for Science will occur April 22, 2017 across the nation and the world, with a significant turnout expected in Washington D.C.
One of the joys of growing up in the South is that time in the early summer near dusk when fireflies put on their enchanting display. It was practically a rite of passage to catch and place them in a Mason jar with holes poked in the lid.
In the debate over refugees, immigration, and terrorism, the impact of policy on the practice of science and its role in American prosperity is being ignored.
Why does the brain look so weird?
Upload your consciousness into a computer with these 5 easy steps.
Ultron walks into a bar, and orders a drink. Bartender says, “We don’t serve robots!”. Ultron replies, “You will.”
Pop culture is full of superheroes with incredible powers, especially in the summer. But none of these are as amazing as the superpower within your brain.
As we turn the page on 2014, here’s a list of some of the year’s highlights in neuroscience.
As a new biography of Alan Turing hits the big screen, it’s worth remembering the foundational role Turing played in artificial intelligence and his contribution to the idea of how brains learn.
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The cost of sustaining vital research on brain diseases may be more than we’re willing to pay, but less than we imagine.
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What were the biggest neuroscience stories of 2013?
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