Tingling in Limbs with Symptoms that Come and Go. Can You Diagnose Our Mock Patient?

  • Published30 Apr 2020
  • Reviewed30 Apr 2020
  • Author Lynnie Fein-Schaffer
  • Source BrainFacts/SfN

A 47-year-old woman visits her physician because she has been suffering from occasional blurry vision and muscle spasms. Her husband has noticed that she has been much more tired than usual. Her kids have noticed that she’s been a bit unsteady on her feet and her coordination has been off. She lets the doctor know that she occasionally feels tingling in her limbs. The symptoms come and go but usually last for at least 24 hours when she is experiencing them.

If this woman showed up in your exam room, what tests would you order? Review the tests in the image below, then select a maximum of three to order to make your diagnosis.

What disorder do you think this patient is experiencing?