Neuroscientist Neil Burgess studies the neural mechanisms that map the space around us, and how they link to memory and imagination.
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A fascinating report in the journal "Current Biology" states that patients with "locked in syndrome" can communicate by controlling the size of their pupils
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Take a look inside the bustling mouse brain in this video.
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What is the Invisible Gorilla and what can it teach us about inattentional blindness? Watch this video and find out.
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Meet Olga Kotelko, 93-year old track star, and see how she has maintained brain and body fitness.
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How are factual and social knowledge linked? Vietnam veterans with focal brain injuries help neuroscientists determine the answer in this video.
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Learn how bionics are changing people's lives today: helping the blind see, the deaf hear, and a woman with one arm fold her shirts.
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What does 'addiction' mean? Explore how researchers understand addiction and find out the science behind it.
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Learn how alcohol and nicotine affect the brain, and why they are illegal for children and teens in this series of lesson plans.
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How many billions of neurons are in the human brain? Find out the answer and learn other mind-blowing facts about your brain.
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Can the zebrafish teach us about human development?
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Can we use human medicine to figure out what makes zombies... zombies?
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