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And other neuroscience news for the week of May 25, 2020.
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As physicians attempt to identify mental illness, they face a diagnostic system that includes nearly 300 disorders. To improve the system, researchers look into genetics.
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As genetic sequencing becomes more affordable and the number of families seeking answers grow, neuroscientists make a discovery that could lead to treatments.
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Around one in 10,000 infants are born with SMA. Research funding and patient advocacy efforts helped push treatment into existence.
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For over a century twins have been helping researchers understand how our genes and environment influence our susceptibility to disease.
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Unraveling the genetics behind brain disorders may offer hope to millions of patients.
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The autism researcher tells tales of triumphs and tribulations in this podcast from People Behind the Science.
  • People Behind the Science
  • 28 min
How can we begin to understand the way the brain works? The same way we begin to understand a city: by making a map.
  • TED
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In the eerie science fiction film, Under the Skin, starring Scarlett Johansson as an alien vixen clothed in human skin, roaming the earth in search of single men for nefarious purposes, a turning point comes when she offers a hooded man on a dark road a ride in her vehicle.
Take a visually compelling tour of the human brain, exploring anatomy, cells, and more, with this brief video.
  • Allen Institute
As our understanding of the processes that underlie brain damage progresses, it becomes possible to use small-molecule drugs, such as antibiotics and anti-tumor drugs, to alter these processes.
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Researchers throughout the world are pursuing a variety of new ways to repair or replace neurons and other cells in the brain. For the most part, these experimental approaches are still being worked out in animals and cannot be considered therapies for humans at this time.
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