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Understanding how the developing brain grows, changes, and learns provides a fuller picture of how this complicated machine works.
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Environment and experiences in the teen years guide development of some of the human brain’s more complex functions.
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The neural connections that develop during infancy and childhood can have lasting effects on learning and health.
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The neurological consequences of teenage alcohol abuse can last well beyond the teen years and into adulthood.
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How much does the brain develop after birth? How do human brains develop compared to other animals?
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With just a roll of the dice your students will learn about how every day choices can affect their brain development.
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Getting rid of unneeded synapses is a key part of brain development.
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From the black-and-white days of I Love Lucy to the blue-ray lasers of today’s Game of Thrones in dazzling 3D, parents have worried that television might harm their child’s brain development. Now the answer is plain to see.
Can the zebrafish teach us about human development?
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