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Interneurons play a key role in passing messages to and from the brain.
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How does the body know when it has been cut, or stung, or hit?
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One of the least complicated creatures on earth taught us all about the most complicated object in the universe – the human brain.
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The brain has a remarkable ability to tell where you are and where you're going.
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Cephalopods hide from predators and communicate with other members of their species in a unique way: by altering the color and texture of their skin.
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The discovery of a large family of receptors detecting odor solved the mystery of how our brains perceive smell.
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Turn a few pipe cleaners into a neuron in just minutes!
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What do a gamer, a scientist, and a brain enthusiast have in common?
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How did we go from a small group of neurons to the brains we have now?
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Disorders like Down syndrome disrupt the brain's careful balance of "stop" and "go"signals.
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Whether or not a competitor stands on the podium wearing an Olympic metal can depend on a thousandth of a second difference in finishing time.
New research shows that the Zika virus can infect neural stem cells in the adult brain.