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Some researchers suspect these bacterial ancestors living within our cells may contribute to a wide range of neurological and psychiatric disorders.
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And other neuroscience news in June 2021.
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Cajal-Retzius cells act as project managers, guiding the organization of the developing brain
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Like a gardener trimming the excess branches of a tree, synaptic pruning clears away unneeded connections between neurons.
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And other neuroscience news for the week of September 21, 2020.
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Answer kids' tough neuroscience questions with this resource vetted by children.
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Optic vesicles grow into an empty pathway where the brain lays wiring that becomes the optic nerve.
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Learn how to help your students improve their executive function skills!
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A growing body of research now shows that poverty changes the way children’s brains develop, shrinking parts of the brain essential for memory, planning, and decision-making.
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Learn some tips and techniques for engaging children in the classroom.
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Getting to the right place so the brain can work properly is the ultimate challenge for any neuron, but motor neurons have it especially tough.
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Teens’ nocturnal lifestyles are more than a personal preference — dramatic hormonal changes during puberty alter the brain circuits that regulate sleep.
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