A century old test to identify children struggling in school evolved into assessments to determine intelligence. But should it have?
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SfN is holding the Brain Awareness Video Contest to showcase entertaining and educational neuroscience concepts and activities.
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How did working memory earn the title "the brain's workhorse"?
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Kenneth Elpus, assistant professor of music education at the University of Maryland, discusses his experience as a music teacher and the fragmentation of art education in public schools.
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In this video, Janet Zadina uncovers the truth behind some of the most commonly held brain-based learning myths.
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The sphinx moth might also be able to detect other scents floating around Tucson’s eighth annual Festival of Books event.
This site provides six easy and engaging activites designed to be used throughout Brain Awareness Week to teach students about the brain.
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Get involved in Brain Awareness Week with these ideas and resources!
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Secondary school students around the world are testing their knowledge in local Brain Bees.
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Get engaged in neuroscience with a variety of hands-on science experiments on a number of brain-related topics.
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Get answers to your questions about the Find a Neuroscientist network.
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Get ideas for new Brain Awareness activities and learn best practices for planning and running successful events in this webinar for BAW first-timers and dedicated supporters.&
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