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Autopsies of American football players’ brains built our current understanding of the hazards associated with repeated blows to the head.
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Researchers are developing a first-of-its-kind blood test to identify the biomarkers for pain, which could improve pain treatment.
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When you’re asleep, your brain is doing important work:consolidating your memories.
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Our expert answers your questions about chronic pain, its causes and its treatment.
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Can we use the brain’s natural marijuana-like compounds to alleviate PTSD, chronic pain, and other debilitating disorders?
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Scientists are rushing to uncover the mysterious connection between the Zika virus and brain disorders like microcephaly.
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Tennis star Maria Sharapova has admitted to using the performance-enhancing drug meldonium, which boosts brain and body power and endurance. Here’s how it works.
How viruses like Zika disturb fetal brain development is a long-standing mystery.
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We answer your questions about autism spectrum disorder.
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Repeated head injuries on the field can put athletes’ health on the line.
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Scientists explore how brief interruptions in blood flow can make the brain more resilient to a second insult.
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We used to believe our brains couldn’t be changed. Now we believe they can – if we want it enough. But is that true?
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