There’s a lot that happens between neurons. Neuroscientist John Morrison explains what happens in the space that neurons learn.
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Neuroscientist John Morrison explains what really happens to our brain cells as we age.
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Neurons and muscles communicate at specialized nodes called neuromuscular junctions.
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When neurons meet, they have great chemistry.
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Your ability to recall the color of your childhood home depends on long-lasting changes to the connections between nerve cells.
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Neurons get a lot of glory for generating the brain’s electrical signals, but a network is only as powerful as the nodes that connect its wires.
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A web of proteins keeps brain plasticity under control.
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What do a gamer, a scientist, and a brain enthusiast have in common?
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The scientist discusses making connections in the field of neurotransmission and synaptic signaling.
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How did we go from a small group of neurons to the brains we have now?
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Web-like structures surround brain cells helping keep brain activity in check.
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“He slimed me!” Venkman spits out in disgust, writhing in sticky ectoplasm in a memorable scene from the 1984 movie Ghostbusters.