Immune cells help shape and maintain connections between brain cells.
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This easy-to-follow animation shows what happens during the process of neurotransmission.
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Watch this short video as an introduction into the wonderful world of neuroscience.
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Use this fun hands on activity to help students see how the process of neurotransmission works in our brains.
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The sites of communication between neurons are essential for brain health.
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The brain adapts to change by altering the connections between neurons.
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On January 11, 2015 news swept the globe reporting that scores of people died and 200 were sickened by drinking beer poisoned with crocodile bile in Mozambique.
Scientists pinpoint the role of proteins in neural communication.
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Recently scientists have been exploring part of the brain that has been relatively unexplored in learning–white matter, comprising half of the human brain. Here new research is detecting cellular changes during learning that are entirely different from the synaptic changes between neurons in gray matter.
Techniques that increase the resolution of microscopes are revolutionizing the ability to peer at brain structures in ever-increasing detail.
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Once the neurons reach their final location, they must make the proper connections so that a particular function, such as vision or hearing, can emerge.
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