Photogprah of a scared teen driving with an adult is in the passenger's seat
Shedding light on a period of chaos and character-building, neuroscientists are framing the teen brain to help support this critical period in development.
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Deep within the brain, a small structure continues to produce new neurons well into adulthood.
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Certain areas of the brain can grow new cells throughout life.
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New discoveries regarding connections in the retina may provide clues in the search for a treatment for eye disease.
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A neuroscientist reveals the surprising — and far-reaching — effects of marijuana on the developing brain.
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Learn about topics like plasticity, memory, and brain development from the researchers who study them in this video series.
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Learn about the developing brain and how your brain changes throughout your lifetime with this comprehensive website.
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Fluorescent labelling allows scientists to track vital stem cells throughout the brain’s development.
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A family of proteins determines which nerve cells thrive or die.
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Are you left- or right-sided? In this activity you'll find out whether people generally do most activities with one side of their body.
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Understanding how new neurons integrate into existing brain regions may hold the secret to restoring brain function after injury or disease.
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A gene controls neuronal traffic in the assembly of this electrical circuit.
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Let neuroscience help you in the classroom. This resource gives you a primer to brain-based education.
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3D Brain

An interactive brain map that you can rotate in a three-dimensional space.