Thinking Sensing and Behaving

Photograph of a man cleaning and taking care of a child at the same time
The brain works best with one job at a time, but daily life calls for multitasking, causing a “bottle neck” in the brain.
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Neuroscience isn't just for biology class! In this video, learn from Rochelle Shwartz-Bloom about the function of the motor cortex.
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  • 17 min
Take a look at the science behind world's most popular drug in coffee, caffeine.
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Learn about topics like plasticity, memory, and brain development from the researchers who study them in this video series.
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What if the number 7 tasted like chocolate? What if Monday was purple? This is what life is like for someone with synesthesia. Learn more about this fascinating neurological trait with this video.
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  • 4 min
Learn about the developing brain and how your brain changes throughout your lifetime with this comprehensive website.
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Why do we get motion sickness? Learn what this condition has to do with the brain and your senses in this video.
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Try out a memory boosting technique called mnemonics with this hands-on activity.
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Learn about the somatosensory homunculus, which is basically a map of the body in the brain, in this brief, educational video.
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Every day you taste many different things. Have you ever wondered how well you detect different tastes? Find out with this activity!
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Did you know that an adult human can distinguish up to 10,000 different smells? Learn more about your amazing sense of smell in this video.
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This site provides information on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and the many ways that it can affect cognition.
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Explore this site for an interactive experience that will teach you all about the intricate workings of your brain.
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