Image of a child doing a developmental test
Genes in action before birth may sow the seeds of autism spectrum disorder.
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A typeface seeks to ease some of the challenges people with dyslexia face when reading.
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Scientists are harnessing the brain's own hormones to help treat the symptoms of autism.
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Scientists are rushing to uncover the mysterious connection between the Zika virus and brain disorders like microcephaly.
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In this video NPR tackles the questions why do we play, and are we the only ones who play?
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Disorders like Down syndrome disrupt the brain's careful balance of "stop" and "go"signals.
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In the race to develop a vaccine against Zika virus, research using nonhuman primate animal models is providing critical insights into how the virus can affect the brain.
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A roundtable of scientists discuss ongoing research on the effects and potential applications of marijuana for adolescents in the United States.
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The autism researcher tells tales of triumphs and tribulations in this podcast from People Behind the Science.
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The Zika virus is a global health threat.
How viruses like Zika disturb fetal brain development is a long-standing mystery.
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We answer your questions about autism spectrum disorder.
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Pinpointing the causes of seizures in children may provide the key to treating them in the future.
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