Teaching Techniques

Young woman listening to a boom box while lying down
Brain breaks help children by replenishing attention, improving learning, and boosting creativity. But, it turns out we might all benefit from giving our brains more downtime. Here’s why.
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Watch kids review scientist’s papers submitted to Frontiers For Young Minds.
Spacing out study sessions enhances long-term memory and retention — and is far better than cramming the night before an exam.
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Brain Awareness Week is March 15–21! Get involved with our at-home activities.
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Read more to learn how to take advantage of a multisensory learning environment.
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Learn about the long-lasting impact of exercise on your brain's health.
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  • 13 min
Learn how to help your students improve their executive function skills!
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  • 2 min
Learn some tips and techniques for engaging children in the classroom.
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Let's teach kids more effective ways of studying in order to reduce test anxiety.
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Educators may be able to take a different perspective if they understood a bit more of the neuroscience behind learning.
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Even light phone users get anxious when their mobile device is taken away for a short time.
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  • 3 min
What can we learn from failure and why is it important?
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3D Brain

An interactive brain map that you can rotate in a three-dimensional space.